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About Meals on the Ganges

Because of the economic depression here in the Holy City of Varanasi, the Sadhus (Holy Men), Babas, Monks, who depend upon temples and donations are facing difficulties. These people are a living spiritual world treasure and they are struggling through these challenging times. They ordinarily have a flow of support through donations from pilgrims and tourists. But most of it is shut down now due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In response to this dire situation, we were inspired to create a food assistance program to support those most in need along the Ghats of the Ganges river.

Meals on the Ganges (or 'Ganga par bhojan') was born of a conversation in the fall of 2020, and we had our first meal distribution day in September. The support was so well received that we decided to make it a monthly event.

With the support of a growing number of donors and friends, Meals on the Ganges has fed more than 3,000 people as of January 2021.

In addition to serving those in highest need, we employ a team of local men and women, providing meaningful paid work for many who lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

We thank you all for your kindness and support.

Bright Blessings 


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