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Meals on the Ganges Business Sponsorship Program Launches

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Meals on the Ganges is only possible because of our incredible staff and donors like you! We are excited to announce a new way for you and your business to get involved: Become a Business Sponsor!

So many customers now seek to work with businesses that are socially conscious, ethical, and community-centered. And sponsoring Meals on the Ganges demonstrates that your business is compassionate and dedicated to corporate social responsibility.

Business Sponsorship Packages are available to fit any budget. Packages may include:

  • Video acknowledgement of your sponsorship.

  • Highlight your business on our website.

  • Integrate your sponsorship with our social media presence.

  • Favorable announcements and acknowledgement of your company in our fundraising and special events.

  • Branded materials that your organization may use in your own marketing.

Just as our goal is to provide compassionate service to those we help, we work to be a compassionate partner to those who help us! To show our gratitude, Meals on the Ganges recognizes our business sponsors in a variety of meaningful ways. Your generosity will inspire your employees and customers, and we want to help you grow your reach too. To that aim we offer:

1. Video Acknowledgement: For our top sponsors, we create one to two unique videos presenting your sponsorship of Meals on the Ganges. Check out the recent videos we made for Homegrown Heat and Organic Defense Inc.

2. Social Media Integration: Here is where we help put the word out about your company's sponsorship of Meals on the Ganges. This is done through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others.

3. Special Event Recognition: In addition to our monthly meal distribution days, Meals on the Ganges hosts a variety of special events — including international online events such as fundraisers, classes, and special celebrations. We will recognize your business sponsorship in these events through verbal recognition, logo placement, and even invitations to participate or present. Many of our online events are not only shared live, but are recorded and remain available online well after the event date.

4. Project Involvement: Meals on the Ganges creates innovative ways for the public and sponsors to participate in the events such as The Virtual Volunteer Experience. And once it's safe to travel again, we'll have opportunities for individuals and business sponsors to join us in Varanasi, India to personally volunteer in a distribution day and other events.

If you're ready to take your support to the next level, contact Michael Dove to discuss the possibilities!

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