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As a sponsor of Meals on the Ganges, you are an inspiration! Your support demonstrates your compassion, ethics, and commitment to the global community — all of which matters to today’s consumer.

These days, people are mindful of spending their money with companies whose values align with their own. Your sponsorship shows that your business is culturally sensitive and dedicated to doing good in the world.

To help show the positive impact of your good work, Meals on the Ganges offers a variety of marketing opportunities and recognition to our sponsors. Your sponsorship may include video and social media promotion, as well as recognition at educational activities and fundraising events.

See samples of our promotional video offerings here:
Organic Defense, Inc.

Homegrown Heat

To start your sponsorship now or for more information, please contact us.

Basic Sponsor

$200 / month*


  • Social media highlight (2x per year)

  • Logo on our sponsors webpage

  • Promotional materials for your use

Official Sponsor

$400 / month*


  • One promotional video

  • Profile feature on our blog

  • Social media highlight (quarterly)

  • Logo on our sponsors webpage

  • Acknowledgement at events

  • Promotional materials for your use

Patron Sponsor

$700 / month*


  • Two promotional videos

  • Two profile features on our blog

  • Social media highlight (monthly)

  • Logo on our sponsor webpage

  • Acknowledgement at events

  • Promotional materials for your use

* Business Sponsorship Packages require a minimum one-year commitment. If you don’t see a package that meets your needs or budget, please contact us. The Meals on the Ganges team would be happy to collaborate with you in the spirit of service and compassion to make our partnership as successful and impactful as possible!

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